Insider Look at Pricing and Frequently asked questions.

In order to execute a breathtaking event for you, it is necessary for us to take the time to meet, plan, create, shop (both online and in-store), run errands and so much more. Here is a better understanding of the breakdown of our overhead costs and expenses:

  • Gas mileage/transportation for errands and meetings (planning meetings, shopping trips, picking up rentals and supplies, printing and craft shops, etc.) As well as to and from the venue for walkthroughs and day of travel.
  • Compensation for team members who assist during the planning process as well as with set up and break down during the actual event.
  • Travel: tolls, gas (see above) and hotel (if applicable)
  • Labor: laundering, ironing, cleaning charger plates, linens, vases, etc…
  • Storage fees and maintenance of supplies
  • Event planning software
  • Investments in rental items and equipment

When all is said and done, all of our past clients have a greater appreciation for the planning process and understand completely the cost and say they couldn’t have imagined their event without us. It is one of our main goals to charge a fair price for the time and effort that goes into making your event unforgettable.